Hannah Phillips is a graphic designer, editor, writer and visual artist. She studied English Literature at Cambridge University, and has worked as an editor in arts and culture publishing for the last five years. After spending her entire career haunting graphic designers and trying to dress like them, Hannah retrained at Shillington School of Graphic Design. 

Her work aims to explore the intersection between language, form and visual art. As an avid consumer of words, she relishes the research stage of the design process and is fascinated by the interplay between text and concept. She loves the multifaceted nature of the discipline and is thrilled to have found a career path that constantly challenges her to learn and improve her skills.

Hannah likes feminism, cooking dense soups, flower arranging, going dancing, off-beat female narrators, life drawing, glitchy early internet aesthetics, modernist poetry, Kiss 100, art art art and putting too many exclamation marks in her emails!!!