Project type: Conceptual
Services: Packaging

Client: Brewdog
A friend of mine was recently interviewing for a new position, and as part of the process was asked to pitch a social strategy for Brewdog. They developed an amazing campaign and strategy called Green Machine – a new (hypothetical!) beer that is brewed in Brewdog's carbon neutral brewery, packaged in an entirely recycled can and sees money donated to the Rainforest Alliance for every beer you drink. They also included a variation on this theme, another beer called Old Dog, which was brewed in the same way as Ancient Egyptians brewed their beer. The aim here was to explore the origin of beer through the ages, to raise awareness of sustainable alcohol production and practices.
I was so inspired by their strategy, I decided to design the cans for these new conceptual Brewdog beers. I aligned with the existing visual language to make these look as realistic as possible, while adding my own twist on each can to channel the themes.​​​​​​​