Project type: Professional
Services: Editing, Graphic Concept Development, Graphic Design

Client: Shakespeare's Globe
Collaborators: Irene Omodeo Zorini, Emma Gosden
The iconic Shakespeare's Globe were looking to relaunch their print programmes after the Pandemic and approached me to spearhead the project, as they were in need of both editorial and design expertise. Working closely with their in-house design team, I devised a bold visual system that was fresh and engaging, while remaining close to tradition and channelling design elements and idiosyncrasies from Shakespeare's First Folio.
I also commissioned, edited and developed content for the programmes, collaborating with editors, marketing, press, playwrights, set designers, directors, journalists and academics to secure written and visual content that encapsulated the mood and explored the themes of each individual play. Commissioning, editing and designing six full programmes on a part-time basis over the course of a few months was an exhilarating challenge, and I am thrilled with the results.